Titan Whiteboards and Pinboards is an Australian company based in NSW. We like to think we are the premier provider of Visual Communication Products, or VisCom as we prefer to say.

Like a lot of good ideas, Titan grew out of pure frustration!

A few years ago it was my job to coordinate the boardroom fit out and installation..a whiteboard suitable for our interactive projector, some pinboards to match either side, a glassboard to accomodate the back wall, and of course everyone complained that the room was too noisy.

I had no idea even where to start, so I jumped onto Google thinking this should not be hard. Wrong!

One place sold whiteboards, another place sold pinboards, another place sold glassboards and then even trying to find an acoustic supplier who could talk in anything other than technical jargon, not even close!

Then after dealing with 4 suppliers and waiting for quotes, and then waiting longer for quotes……I still could not picture the room, the best I could get was ‘go to our website’.

When I finally received the products, one was too small, the directors weren’t fussed on the pinboard colours, the acoustic panels were great if I wanted 100 of one colour, and when it came to installation……….the response was pretty much good luck with that!

It had to be easier!

I designed Titan Whiteboards and Pinboards with how it should be:

Receive Instant Quotes

Receive Accurate Sizes

Receive Precise Colours

Get it installed

Obtain Approval

Sit Back and Relax

Order All Your Product Needs from One Place

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to making the task of purchasing visual communication products straightforward and trouble-free for you!
If you have any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

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