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"Our Pinboards range from single standard frame boards to complete integrated communication walls. Our Slim Frame series boards are designed to be matched with our Slim Frame Whiteboards, Slim Frame Glassboards and SANA Acoustic Range, turning your blank canvas wall into a complete functional space. The largest range of Cork, Fabric or Felt boards combined with Krommenie Washable boards give you endless options for design, function and form. Our Fast-Ship range of products represents in stock sizes that are available to be shipped today. If you have a particular design, certain size or looking for something special, please contact Titan so we can accommodate your specific needs."
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Bulletin Board Slim Frame Pinboard

From $369.00

Bulletin Board Standard Frame Pinboard

From $329.00

Cork Standard Frame Pinboard

From $89.00

Felt Standard Frame Pinboard

From $89.00

Hexagon Acoustic Pinboards

From $249.00

Velour Slim Frame Pinboard

From $299.00

Velour Standard Frame Pinboard

From $199.00

Velour Wrapped Pinboards

From $169.00
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